Mindfulness for our people

Holistic wellbeing and stress reduction intentionally designed with Black people in mind

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African Americans experience more stress-related health disparities than any other racial or ethnic groups.


report experiencing race related stress


report experiencing race related stress

Stress is real, and so is inner peace

Being Black is stressful. Mindfulness is proven to boost health and wellbeing and reduce stress. Our app has your back.

Something for everyone

Not all black people are the same. We know that. Mindfulness for one person is different for another. Our app embraces your uniqueness yet ties everyone together through a sense of history, pride, and black love.

Scientifically backed, Researched Driven, Award Winning Content

The content of our award winning app was developed in the Psychology Department at Spelman College, an HBCU and has been rigorously evaluated via Randomized Control Trials with a $1.5 Million grant from National Institutes of Health, which is the largest source of funding for medical research in the world.  The results of this research have been published in well known peer reviewed publications and has shown increased access to health skills that reduces stress and improves well-being.


The need for this remarkable spiritual tool for Black people is profound.

Achebe Powell

You are strategically sending love to people and to communities. It's one of the most powerful tools. Thank you!

Carole Johnson

I believe that the black community needs a meditation app, that deals with life from our perspective, through the black lens specifically. It's that simple.

Eva Stephan

I'm a Licensed Therapist and I love the idea of providing mental health wellness to the black community.

Love Cureton

“I believe this is a wonderful app that is needed in the black community. I hope it will become as popular and is used as extensively as other apps by young and old.”

Michelle Godwin

I love the idea of the app focused on healing for black people because it is a different type of healing

Danyelle Jennings

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