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Holistic wellbeing and stress reduction intentionally designed with Black people in mind

*holistic: not focused just on the illness, but considering the physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing

Stress is real, and so is inner peace

Being Black is stressful. Mindfulness is proven to boost health and wellbeing and reduce stress. Our app has your back.

Not just another meditation app

Nope, not this one. This one is for us. Mindfulness is different for Black folks and so we built this one differently.

Key Features

Dynamic Content

Whether you need prayer, music or physical activity, our app content spans wide to ensure your needs are addressed.

Build Habits

With journaling, goal settings and achievement badges, you can build consistent habits to help you become more mindful.

Growth Tracking

Do your own internal gardening. As you progress through various programs, you will start to see your tree grow and blossom.

TMF Button

TMF: For those times when you need immediate support because "These MF's are trying it." Customizable.

Something for everyone

Not all black people are the same. We know that. Mindfulness for one person is different for another. Our app embraces your uniqueness yet ties everyone together through a sense of history, pride, and black love.

Ready to get ya mind right?