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Mindfulness, in various forms, has proven results in reducing stress; easing anger and anxiety; and providing the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical fortitude required to stay grounded and present in challenging and even life-threatening situations.

Centuries of systemic oppression have had a considerable impact on the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of African Americans specifically and people of African descent globally. Despite these challenges, we survive, we flourish, and we thrive, yet it is often at the expense of our own mental and physical self care and results in high amounts of stress related illness.

We believe that identifying or establishing and maintaining consistent mindfulness practices can heal our minds, bodies and souls and has been proven to result in significant stress reduction.

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Our Mission is to:

  • Educate underserved communities on the benefits of a consistent mindfulness practice
  • Educate people on what "Mindfulness is and can be"
  • Establish and maintain consistent mindfulness practices for newcomers
  • Create opportunities for those with regular mindfulness practices to expand and elevate their current practice

We intend to do this by:

  • Making mindfulness widely accessible using technology that is intuitive, easy to use, fun, and culturally relvant for African Americans
  • Curating various mindfulness practices that are culturally relevant to African Americans, giving them the opportunity to recognize existing practices and explore new ones
  • Being a conduit of healing through mindfulness practices and community connection, by having 1,000,000 users by 2022
  • Cultivating relationships with urban-centered comminity gardens to support the perpetuation of mindful food justice

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