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African Americans experience more stress-related health disparities than any other racial or ethnic groups

According to a Corporate Wellness Study, 83% of employees report that their job is stressful. The same study revealed one of the most important factors for reducing stress is implementing a mindfulness program.

Workplace stress is costing your company money

According to a Tufts Medical Center Study, "when both health care and productivity costs are tallied, mental disorders represent the single most expensive category of health problems to business. Mental disorders include common conditions such as depression and anxiety…"

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For Academia
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Every child deserves a Black Teacher

The Black Teacher Project (BTP), is a program that sustains and develops Black teachers to lead and reimagine schools as communities of liberated learning. BTP's vision is that every student will benefit from the diversity, excellence, and leadership of an empowered Black teaching force.


Standing in the gap for your Black and brown kings, queens and non-binary royalty

Kingmakers of Oakland is a leadership development and systems change organization committed to fundamentally transforming the education system and building the capacity of people to design and sustain thriving and liberated systems, structures, conditions, and culture to improve the educational and life outcomes for Black students.


Helping a community heal, one member at a time

Roots Community Health Center uplifts those impacted by systemic inequities and poverty. They accomplish this through direct services of medical and behavioral health care, health navigation, workforce enterprises, housing, outreach, and advocacy.


Our Offerings

Decolonizing, Demystifing and Designing Mindfulness

Our 30-90 minute customizable in person or virtual sessions that offer accessible mindfulness practices that are easy to implement individually as well as in meetings, classrooms and workshops!

The BlackFULLness Lounge

A holistic wellness space that offers Practical mindfulness techniques that can be used anywhere at any time to relieve stress, in a way that cultivates healing and belonging.


Self-paced mindfulness courses that support focus, productivity and collaboration in the workplace, at school or in community. Designed to promote deeper mindfulness practice in an efficient and efficacious format.

The BlackFULLness Prescription

How to make best use of the Practices in the app that help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, pain, illness and sleep concerns.  Side effects include joy, peace of mind, restful sleep, ease,  focus, clarity, gratitude and self-love.

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