Helping a community heal, one member at a time

Roots Community Health Center uplifts those impacted by systemic inequities and poverty. They accomplish this through direct services of medical and behavioral health care, health navigation, workforce enterprises, housing, outreach, and advocacy.

In 2021, BlackFULLness established a consistent presence with Roots staff attending their monthly "All Staff Meetings". Each month, we offer practical mindfulness tools, ongoing support for stress reduction in times of trauma and a safe space for healing and connection that brings clarity, focus and a renewed sense of purpose. Many of the Roots staff use the app to start internal meetings as well.

Consistent Pressence

With monthly participation in the All Staff Meetings at Roots, BlackFULLness was able to positively impact an average of 150 staff members. Recently, we asked how "helpful" their experience of the app has been.


Percentage of staff regularly using the app on their own


Percentage of staff who say that using the app has helped reduced their stress


Percentage of staff who would recommend the app to others

As a Black woman it is important to me to have a tool designed to support the health of my family and I. Blackfullness understands the daily impact of historical trauma and systemic racism and is prepared to counteract it by teaching users how to live whole despite efforts to break us.

Lavette K., Research, Evaluation and Training Manage

I have practiced mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhism for almost 20 years. I also grew up living the principles of Kwanzaa in my home. And mos def incorporate the Kemetic wisdom of Maat. Having this all in one place is amazing

Idris H., Communications Manager

Anytime I've dedicated time to tapping into the app, I feel renewed, valued and refreshed.

Jamaica S., Director of Programs and Policy

Three years of COVID were especially tough on all healthcare personnel, and all of us at Roots felt additional pressure to respond to our community because we knew our folks would bear a disproportionate disease burden. Listening and participating with the app help me to decompress and relax. When I find myself reverting back to my anxious pandemic self, the app remind me to chill out, breathe and take it slow.

Alma B., Chief Administrative Officer

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