Standing in the gap for your Black and brown kings, queens and non-binary royalty

Kingmakers of Oakland is a leadership development and systems change organization committed to fundamentally transforming the education system and building the capacity of people to design and sustain thriving and liberated systems, structures, conditions, and culture to improve the educational and life outcomes for Black students.

Supporting their Leaders

We encourage all of our employees to bring their full selves to the work, and Kingmakers is committed to supporting the whole person. We strive to incorporate, accommodate, and when possible, prioritize ways in which staff can be proactively supported. BlackFULLness is one of the methods in which we support our employees with self care. -Shrim B., Managing Director of Operations

Supporting Their Work

Kingmakers of Oakland is committed to ensuring that "young Kings, Queens and non-binary Royalty" have the opportunity to thrive not only academically, but in their whole lives and center Health and Wellness as a part of the journey. We have had the distinct pleasure of supporting their initiatives and bringing practical and actionable mindfulness practices to their programs.


of Teachers in California are Black men


Number of students served by KOO and it's initiatives


Number of album KOO Music has produced to ENGAGE, ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER.

• Talent Acquisition & Staffing • San Francisco Unified School • District Human Resources


College readiness support collaboration with JP Morgan Chase and KOO


My commitment to the liberation of Black people includes me connecting to Black centered wellness and BlackFULLness allows me focus on my practice and feel a connection to a larger community that is also working to get free.

• Talent Acquisition & Staffing • San Francisco Unified School • District Human Resources

As a Black woman it is important to me to have a tool designed to support the health of my family and I. Blackfullness understands the daily impact of historical trauma and systemic racism and is prepared to counteract it by teaching users how to live whole despite efforts to break us.

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