Mindfulness, in various forms, has proven results in reducing stress; easing anger and anxiety; and providing the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical fortitude required to stay grounded and present in challenging and even life-threatening situations.

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Centuries of systemic oppression have had a considerable impact on the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of African Americans specifically and people of African descent globally. Despite these challenges, we survive, we flourish, and we thrive, yet it is often at the expense of our own mental and physical self care and results in high amounts of stress related illness.

We believe that identifying or establishing and maintaining consistent mindfulness practices can heal our minds, bodies and souls and has been proven to result in significant stress reduction.  

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Meet the Crew

Sonia Raye

Co-Founder, CEO

Sonia uses her obsession with technology and her passion for mindfulness to organize and harmonize almost every aspect of her life. She has been a black woman her whole life, a small business owner for nearly 20 years, and an active leader for more than a decade. Sonia’s consistent mindfulness practices and frequent productive use of technology help her to effectively manage stress, consciously parent her powerful daughter, and to skillfully and successfully design, build, cultivate and grow containers where amazing things happen.

She is a licensed spiritual counselor and is working on her degree in Consciousness Studies from the School of Spiritual Leadership.

David Lee

Co-Founder, CSO

David designs, builds and cultivates successful and productive sales and strategic partnerships to increase awareness, affinity, buy-in, and revenue - all with mindfulness at the core. With over 15 years of experience, David puts the FUNK in cross-functional training and leadership, and he uses his intense desire to serve to intentionally and effectively connect people, places and ideas. Combining his commitment to his own mindfulness evolution with his commitment to create lasting change and healing, David is on a Soul Mission to serve, collaborate, impact, add value, and have fun!"

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