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Greetings Family!

What it do yall!?! I'm King David, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Special Sauce, the developers of the Mindful You app, which focuses on stress reduction and healing Justice through mindfulness that is for and by Black people.

I was born and raised in the Baptist Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I literally spent 6 out of 7 days in church as a kid and my faith has always been a strong part of my life experience. With age and curiosity, I found myself on a spiritual and self-actualization journey that has led me to mindfulness as an addition to my own spiritual practices. 

I’ve built a 15+ professional career on successful and productive sales and strategic partnerships that increase awareness, affinity, buy-in, and revenue - all with mindfulness at the core.  I have developed a deep bench of strategic planning, cross-functional training, and leadership skills. I offer my intense desire to serve to intentionally and effectively connect people, places and ideas in any setting I find myself in. 

As a same-gender loving man born in the South, who has a background in STEM,  and who enjoys all types of out the box experiences, I have found myself in many spaces  where I am the only one in the classroom, the boardroom,  in the meeting, at the table, etc. And in these spaces I have been told directly and indirectly that I did not belong there. We’ll talk about these “fun” times later. 

Mindfulness has kept and keeps me grounded and reminded of who I really am in these settings where folk try to box me. Not on my watch and not me! Miss me with all of that! I am committed to my own mindfulness evolution and know I am on the planet to create lasting change and healing. I am on a Soul Mission to serve, collaborate, impact, add value, and have fun! We all deserve to experience the highest and best and this happens beyond anyone’s and even our own boxes. Welcome. It’s time to live our best lives and it is my pleasure to be a guide!

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